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5 Web Design Trends For 2018

Let’s talk about new upcoming website design trends for 2018. The focus will be on designing simple but powerful websites that are well optimized for mobile devices and user experience oriented.

Are You Using LinkedIn for Networking and Advertising?

In comparison to other social platforms, LinkedIn has become the most suitable social media for making business connections.

3 Tips How to Prevent the Decay of Your Hospital’s Reputation

Reputation is one of the most important components in healthcare organization's success. This blog post includes three very useful tips for improving and maintaining great reputation of your medical or healthcare organization.

Sprout Social: One Tool To Rule All Social Media

This blog post presents a handy tool for managing social media. In case you have more than one social channel through which you communicate with your followers, fans and potential leads.

Boy, How Things Have Changed: Marketing in The 21st Century

Take a stranger, attract him into a visitor, convert him into a lead, close him into a customer and delight him with the future! It is called...

How To Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Are you on a quest towards winning on social mediaIf yes, then you know how hard it is. You probably have some sort of online presence, but are you winning?

Evolution of the State of Inbound: Trend Data

HubSpot has been tracking the goals and priorities of the inbound organizations for the past nine years. This blog post assembles trending data from all those reports.

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