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Boy, How Things Have Changed: Marketing in The 21st Century

Posted by Matej GRABROVEC on Oct 17, 2017 10:59:48 AM
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Take a stranger, attract him into a visitor, convert him into a lead, close him into a customer and delight him with the future! It is called...

Inbound marketing!

In the past, if you were a salesperson, you would have to started out with outlining the process of sales and then you would control the information and the flow of the sale.

Today, you just focus on attracting customers through relevant content where content creators add value at every stage of the buyer's journey and most of the work is done. So, you don’t fight for the customer's attention anymore. Instead, you simply create the relevant content, designed in such a way to address the problems and needs of your ideal consumers.




Inbound Marketing for B2B or B2C?

Usually, inbound marketing is thought of as a strategy for B2B companies because of the gathering of the leads and prospects, which happens before passing them off to the sales team to convert them. It all takes time. B2C has shorter sales cycle and margins, so on the first glance it’s less suited for inbound's long tactics.

But is this really a fact?

Maybe for some companies this is true but for those who are looking for an edge over the competition, inbound is the answer.

And here are the reasons why...

The B2B buying cycle tends to be much longer than the B2C decision process, so it requires more nurturing while B2C buyers prefer to satisfy their immediate needs and the buying process can be short as a few minutes, depending on a product.

Nevertheless,  the B2B audience is seeking efficiency and expertise, while consumer audience is more likely to be seeking deals and entertainment because their choices are usually emotionally triggered, whether by hunger, desire status or cost. So, they might take their time and energy to explore information.

In any case. inbound is not only about lead nurturing, there is also a delight phase that is very important for each and every type of product and the way of purchase.


Modern Consumers Don’t Want To Be Sold To

This is so true! Modern consumers are more interested in gathering information and coming to their own conclusions or at least the feeling of having done so. More than ever, consumers crave an almost personal relationship with the brands they buy from and this is exactly what inbound marketing excels at.

Creating original and quality content that address your customer's questions, problems, and needs. Inbound marketing helps B2C companies create a personal relationship with their personas or in other words, inbound marketing is your brand's best friend.


Inbound And SEO Are “Best Friends”

For modern consumers, every stage of the buyer’s journey is often done online and facilitated by search engines and that’s why search engine optimization – SEO is very important for B2C businesses. Great content can be perfectly complemented by SEO. When properly coordinated, inbound content can double as SEO content, providing a phenomenal return on investment for any B2C business.

Knowing which platform will get you the most shares of your content, the optimal post length and headline to maximize your content’s potential will undoubtedly help increase the top of your inbound marketing funnel and generate leads from social media.


They Know You Better Than You Know Them

Living in an age when most of us have access to a world of information, it should be clear that by the time people that have contacted you for doing business with them, they know way more about you than you do about them and what it’s most important, they know a lot about what they want. So, get on their radar early in the buyer's journey. Why? Because it gets you found when they’re researching, investigating or problem-solving.


Keep in mind that marketing is evolving constantly and in a world full of competition you have to be innovating.

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