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Top Marketing Priorities: Inbound and Sales Challenges

The majority of marketers today have their focus on converting leads into customers and on growing traffic to their website

Search Engine Optimisation for CEOs: A Total Breakdown

We know that as an owner or executive manager you personally may not have the time to actually implement SEO yourself. 

The Power Of LinkedIn: 500 Million Member Community

It is not necessary to emphasize that LinkedIn has become one of the most important social platforms when searching for jobs or just showing your achievements - statistical data speaks for itself. 

The 6 Marketing Metrics Your Boss Actually Cares About

As marketers, we work tirelessly to move the needle on what often seems like a laundry list of metrics. We look at website visits, conversion rates, generated leads per channel, engagement on social media platforms, blog post shares, email click-through rates… and the list goes on and on. When the time comes to present the impact of your efforts to your boss, you can’t present him or her with everything you measure.

Meet Agency Novelus @ DMEXCO 2017!

DMEXCO is back this year and Agency Novelus is attending the biggest exposition & conference in digital marketing, again!

Why We Love Social Media? (And Why You Should, Too!)

Most of us use at least one type of social media every day; whether for personal communication, self-promotion or marketing. The importance of social media in today’s marketplace is high. More and more e-marketers, who are new to the field, polish their skills to become experts in social network marketing.