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Are You Using LinkedIn for Networking and Advertising?

In comparison to other social platforms, LinkedIn has become the most suitable social media for making business connections.

3 Tips How to Prevent the Decay of Your Hospital’s Reputation

Reputation is one of the most important components in healthcare organization's success. This blog post includes three very useful tips for improving and maintaining great reputation of your medical or healthcare organization.

Sprout Social: One Tool To Rule All Social Media

This blog post presents a handy tool for managing social media. In case you have more than one social channel through which you communicate with your followers, fans and potential leads.

How To Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Are you on a quest towards winning on social mediaIf yes, then you know how hard it is. You probably have some sort of online presence, but are you winning?

The Future of Facebook Advertising: Why are video so popular?

For marketers, using Facebook’s paid tools to expand the reach is a no-brainer. Facebook advertising has a plenty of great features that enable you to effectively target your posts to a specific audience. This makes it easier to deliver content to the people that actually want to see it.

The Power Of LinkedIn: 500 Million Member Community

It is not necessary to emphasize that LinkedIn has become one of the most important social platforms when searching for jobs or just showing your achievements - statistical data speaks for itself. 

Why We Love Social Media? (And Why You Should, Too!)

Most of us use at least one type of social media every day; whether for personal communication, self-promotion or marketing. The importance of social media in today’s marketplace is high. More and more e-marketers, who are new to the field, polish their skills to become experts in social network marketing.