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The Future of Facebook Advertising: Why are video so popular?

Posted by Matej GRABROVEC on Sep 26, 2017 1:34:24 PM
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For marketers, using Facebook’s paid tools to expand the reach is a no-brainer. Facebook advertising has a plenty of great features that enable you to effectively target your posts to a specific audience. This makes it easier to deliver content to the people that actually want to see it.

Additionaly, Facebook’s social endorsement and retargeting features help you build credibility and relevance when users see and interact with your ads.

In return, your audience has the power to actually engage with your ads, keeping you accountable for the quality of your content and the people you are targeting. But getting your content to the right people isn’t just about creating great content for your target audience. You also need to understand your competitive market to effectively tailor your ad strategy.


Why are video ads becoming so popular?

Facebook Video ads are driving awareness and sales by capturing the attention of business' target audience. With video ads you can share the experience you offer, feature your product in action and deliver your message.

Sounds great!

You have probably experienced some Facebook Video ads and have seen for yourself how effective they can be. Perhaps, after seeing the video, you might wanted to do one yourself.

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Facebook users just love content that is engaging and videos are considered especially engaging on Facebook and other social media platforms. It is estimated that mobile video will account for 75% of mobile traffic in 2020.

In the graph below you can see Facebook Video Views shares of ad format:


In Europe, as of January 2016, video ads represented almost 15% of all ads on Facebook, which was a 1400% year-on-year increase. Video ads are also a larger portion of marketer's budgets, surpassing 25% of total budget in February 2016.

Facebook Video Views share of ad budget:



Tips for great Facebook video

The more video ads there are out there, the more you‘ll have to compete for your audience‘s attention.

This means focusing on creating high-quality videos that grab user‘s‘ attention is crucial.

Create videos for your target audience, which will help you effectively use Facebook‘s targeting features in conjunction with the story you‘re sharing.


What are the other Facebook advertising trends in Europe?

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