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Top Marketing Priorities: Inbound and Sales Challenges

Posted by Matej GRABROVEC on Sep 21, 2017 3:14:15 PM
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The majority of marketers today have their focus on converting leads into customers and on growing traffic to their website

Historically considered marketing costs are analized through marketing's ability to contribute to business bottom line. 

And what are your company's top marketing priorities and which challenges are you facing with?



Generating traffic and leads   

Inbound marketing projects are focused on improving SEO presence and creating, distributing and amplifying content. For example, focusing more on online presence such as industry directories, fixing and improving your website, interacting with potential customers or people within the industry through online forums, rather than print magazines which don't always reach our targets.


Echoing their priorities, marketers today find generating traffic and leads to be their biggest challenge, followed by proving ROI and securing budget for marketing programs. Globally, challenges are consistent, with Asian marketers citing targeted content for international audiences and hiring top talent as strong challenges. Latin American marketers are slightly more focused on finding the right technology solutions for their teams and training.

Closing deals in sales

For sales professionals, closing more deals occupies the majority of their focus. This was followed by improving the efficiency of the sales funnel as a priority. Optimizing the sales process requires addressing organizational complexity and adapting to new buying habits, which require major shifts for any business. Social selling, another modern sales strategy, comes in as the third most important priority. And the challenges? 


On the sales side, it’s getting harder to elicit a response from a prospect, close deals, and prospect for leads. They are also struggling to incorporate social media in their sales process, and using sales technologies is now harder than it used to be. These are the biggest sales challenges.

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